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3yr NQA Warranty

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MAVERICK – Large - Titanium

Originally designed for and worn by the U.S.A.F Thunderbirds. The Maverick is the ultimate military aviator style frame. The Crystal-Clear Mineral Glass lenses provide the highest optical clarity available and silicone temple tips keep the frames in place under any headset, helmet, or hat. Though slated as “Large” this frame is generally for medium sized faces. A “Small” version is also available that fits smaller faces. This is the exact model worn by the Thunderbird Team for multiple show tour years.


  • Japanese Hand-crafted, ultra-light, durable titanium frame
  • Adjustable, slim temples fit comfortably for hours under a headset or hat and can be taken on and off with ease
  • Silicone temple tips for a slender comfortable fit
  • Soft silicone nose pads are fully adjustable for added comfort and stability
  • RX or standard lens options. Please call for bifocal or reading lens options


  • Premium Protective Case
  • Scheyden Cleaning cloth
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty
  • NQA Warranty Available - Call for more details

Standard 3 Year Warranty

Scheyden Precision Eyewear standard Mineral Glass and RSR lenses are covered for three (3) years from original date of purchase for manufacturer defects.

Should you have the unfortunate circumstance of scratching or breaking your standard sun-lenses, West Coast Trends, Inc. will replace them for the following price:

  • $49.95 plus return shipping and handling. This includes Standard Sun-Lens replacement, clean and tune up frame (frame tune up includes replacement of nose pads, ear socks and ultrasonic cleaning).

  • Nose pads on our composite frames and cloisonné tips on certain models cannot be replaced. This offer is valid for your first lens replacement.

Should you require additional lens replacements, the price schedule is as follows:

  • $89.95 plus shipping and handling. Standard Sun-Lens replacement to include frame tune up and labor.  

  • ReaderX, custom prescription and custom tinted lenses 

  • (custom color, tint, etc.) are not covered under this warranty. 

  • Effective December 1, 2010.


NQA 3 Year Warranty (No Questions Asked)

West Coast Trends, Inc. offers an extended warranty against irreparable damage, loss, or theft of the originally purchased frames and standard non-RX lenses. Call for details or click here for more information. 714.843.1975

RETURNS – All authorized returns must be made thirty days from purchase date. Exclusions may apply. Click here for more details.

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What others are saying about Maverick

19 reviews

Jes, July, 2018, November, -0001

I absolutely love my Mustangs. The quality of the lense is far above any Ray Ban's I've owned. I actually feel less strain on my eyes- it's noticeable. The frames are also durable, light and flexible- I often put mine around my hat when not wearing them and there's never an issue with stretching the out. A few of my friends have also purchased these after trying mine out. Worth the $$!

Luis, January, 2018, November, -0001

I love my Scheyden sunglasses! I bought the Mustangs to use while flying after trying on my friend?s pair. They have the right amount of shading to provide sun protection while still being able to see the flight instruments. The frame and hinges feel sturdy yet still manage to be very light which was another big selling point for me. I going to buy a second pair to keep in the car.

Jeff, October, 2017, November, -0001

I've owned a pair for a year now and they're great. The glass is crystal clear. Absolutely a step or two above my Ray Ban and Serengeti glasses.

Mickey Myrick, October, 2017, November, -0001

Better than store bought but over priced.

Sol, October, 2017, November, -0001

I've been wearing Ray Ban aviators for quite some time. I like their weight and the fact that they use mineral glass, as I have a tendency to scratch lenses. However, I'm always looking for something better. These Scheyeden Mustang glasses fulfill that quest. The glass used for the lenses are noticeably of a higher quality and standard. That's the most important thing. The weight is light and the construction solid. They fit well in the width and have spring loaded temples to make them fit just right. Another noticeable feature that I love, since I have slightly oily skin and sweat easily, is that the nose pieces are somewhat sticky to keep them from sliding down my nose so easily. They are expensive but as mentioned the quality is there. The hardest part is choosing the style and color. They are definitely worth giving a try.

Steve, October, 2017, November, -0001

Having worn the Scheyden Mustang glasses for a few weeks, it is hard to believe that it took me this many years to find them. With a comfortable secure fit they are like not having sunglasses on yet they provide all of the protection needed in the sun. I am a fan.

Kurt, September, 2017, November, -0001

I walked up to a pilot on a tarmac to look at his plane. He was wearing this super cool set of shades, and had the vibe of some California surfer- turns young Harrison Ford. I was on my second flight as a student and knew right then that this guy with the multi- million dollar jet was the cool was striving for as I was about to squeeze back into my Piper. Long story short- I discovered the shades he had were Shaydes- got a pair- and instantly increased my street- cried in the pilot community. I tossed my Maui Jims aside ( they were polarized which a pilot may not want) jockeyed my butt back into my Piper and took off back to Kansas, sporting the coolest shades I've ever owned. Five Stars!

Dave, September, 2017, November, -0001

Met Jeff on the ramp at Goodland, KS. Love the frames and the lenses are crystal glasses I've ever owned!

BP, August, 2017, November, -0001

Scheyden provides the BEST in class in the quality and fit of eyewear. I own four different pars, on of which is this Mustang and find it far superior than any other sunglasses I've purchased. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this brand and frame.

Gil Barnett, August, 2017, November, -0001

Discovered Scheydens a few years back and its all I can wear now -- they've spoiled me. The glass is crystal clear, beyond anything else out there, and the fit is perfect every time you put them on. You owe it to yourself -- Scheydens are extravagant, precision eyewear for discriminating buyers who demand the best. I'll never switch!

William, August, 2017, November, -0001

Living in Florida and having blue eyes, I wear my Scheyden Mustang sunglasses daily when outside walking, bike riding, working in my yard and, of course, when driving. They are very durable, comfortable and stylish. My frames have never needed an adjustment in the two years I have owned them.

Rick, August, 2017, November, -0001

I play competitive golf and have worn all of the premium brand sunglasses. The Scheyden glasses are incredible as they allow unobstructed movement without losing peripheral clarity. These are simply the best lenses and frames available!!!

Stephen Pope, August, 2017, November, -0001

I own several pairs of quality aviator sunglasses, but my Sheyden Mustangs are the ones I reach for first, for flying and everything else. They cut glare and haze, have thin arms that feat beneath a headset, are comfortable and look good.

JC, July, 2017, November, -0001

Love my glasses. I'm rough on my sunglasses as I wear them all day long as I work outside and spend a lot of time on the water. The polarized lenses are just as nice as any Maui Jim's that I have owned. Very pleased with this line of sunglasses.

Kirk Reynolds, June, 2017, November, -0001

I am very picky about my glasses. They must fit without putting pressure behind my ears or at my temple. With the Scheyden Mustangs I can adjust the fit to match my head. I have no discomfort after wearing for an extended period of time. They also have the best coverage on the lenses. They are large enough to fill my sight range but don't make me look like a bug. These where a good fit for me and I recommend them to my friends.

Boaz, February, 2017, November, -0001

These are high quality sunglasses, They definitely cut down on haze, which is a constant issue when landing in many airports in Los Angeles in the late evening, and give a better defenition of clouds and IMC. I highly recommend them, even over the RE shades I had previously.

Rob Reider, April, 2014, November, -0001

I truly appreciate the quality, durability, style, and most of all, the optics of my Scheyden sunglasses. I have an older pair of polarized Mavericks for driving, Dual RX for flying, and I really like the Mustangs with the gradient lenses that I use at all my air shows. Simply great eyewear.

Alex, November, -0001

You guys have the BEST customer service known to man!!! I have always been impressed with how fast you help us out!

Michael, November, -0001

You're the best! Thank you most graciously and appreciatively!

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Accident Protection
Accident Protection This product is eligible for an accidental damage protection plan. This plan provides coverage for accidental damage from handling that may render the product non-functional or otherwise not be covered by our limited warranty. Our Accident Protection plans are in effect from your receipt of the product. West Coast Trends, Inc. will repair or replace (at our discretion) your product at no cost to you during the coverage term chosen.

This plan is only available through direct purchases at (or our direct “Personal Touch Service” purchases) and cannot be obtained in any other manner. Accident Protection plan must be purchased with protected product at time of purchase, plan(s) cannot be purchased separately or after purchase of the product.

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3 Year NQA Warranty
3 year NQA Warranty Button3-Year No Questions Asked (NQA) Warranty Option:
We are so confident in the quality of this product (please see specs), that for an additional cost, we will honor a THREE (3) YEAR "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" WARRANTY. In plain language, we will repair or replace the product for ANY damage that occurs during the NQA warranty period, regardless of cause, so long as you can return to us (at your cost) at least 51% of your product, regardless of condition.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
West Coast Trends, Inc. ("WCT") guarantees this product will be free from defects IN MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP DURING NORMAL TRAVEL USE for the product’s specified LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY period. If such a defect appears during the warranty period, WCT will repair or replace (at its option) the product without charge, except for transportation costs to the repair center.