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I cannot believe the difference in my Scheydens over others.

2024-04-19 06:56:33

I have fished 2 tournaments with a total of 18 days on the water since I received my Scheydens. I cannot believe the difference in my Scheydens over others. I have compared them with Costa 580's, Smiths Guide’s Choice, Willey X's, and Natives. My Scheydens are by far better in every aspect. The clarity alone is awesome. Now I have had the chance to wear them in all conditions from clear and sunny to overcast and gloomy. Including water conditions from clear to murky.

The Scheydens out preform all other. My last 2 tournaments have been "Sight Fishing" for the Bass on there beds. I had times that I had to give my partner my Scheydens so he was able to see the bass on the bed and he was wearing my Costa 580's.

Another thing I noticed is that in the early morning when there is light in sky but the sun has not come up. This time if usually the first 30 minutes of fishing at the start of a tournament and time is crucial. This is the time when you want to wear sunglasses but it actually makes it harder to see, so nothing is better. Well not any more. Even with them low light conditions I can wear my Scheydens and see awesome.

John, Professional Angler