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Head Covers

Wood Covers

Golf's Finest Wood Covers CG embroidered monogram


Ultimate protection for your driver and fairways

Heavy-Duty zippered back for an easy on-off

Head Covers

Wood Covers

Golf's Finest Wood Covers CG embroidered monogram


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color option Red-1color option Red-1Xcolor option Navy-1color option Navy-1Xcolor option Black-1color option Black-1Xcolor option Yellow-1color option Yellow-1Xcolor option White-1color option White-1Xcolor option Red-3color option Red-5color option Navy-3color option Navy-5color option Black-3color option Black-5color option Yellow-3color option Yellow-5color option White-3color option White-5color option Red-7color option Red-Xcolor option Navy-7color option Navy-Xcolor option Black-7color option Black-Xcolor option Yellow-7color option Yellow-Xcolor option White-7color option White-X

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Protect your purchase from rips, cracks, and unexpected damage with CG Accident Protection.

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NOTE: For Diamond embroidery type your initials as you normally would and we will automatically place the initials in the order of <First Name Initial - Last Name Initial - Middle Name Initial> as shown in the computer generated sample. Please take care with your personalization as all sales are final on embroidered items. Order before 11:00 am PST and it ships the second business day. Excludes Custom Wood Covers (may ship 5-7 business days). We appreciate your understanding.

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available in 6 sizes:
WCDX (#1X oversize driver up to 500cc)
WCD1 (#1 driver up to 470cc)
WCF3 (#3 fairway)
WCF5 (#5 fairway)
WCF7 (#7 fairway)
WCFX (X fits most fairway woods)

available in 5 colors

  • Premium, leather-like feel and appearance
  • Club Glove embroidered monogram on shaft
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Club head and shaft protection
  • Fits left or right hand clubs
  • Heavy-duty zipper
  • Easy on and off design
  • 1 year limited lifetime warranty

Product Warranty

West Coast Trends, Inc. ("WCT") guarantees this product will be free from defects IN MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP DURING NORMAL USE for the product’s specified ONE (1) YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY period. If such a defect appears during the warranty period, WCT will repair or replace (at its option) the product without charge, except for transportation costs to the repair center. WCT will pay for return ground shipping anywhere in the continental United States. Return shipping via air freight is available for an additional charge. If the product is no longer available, we reserve the right to substitute a comparable product. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, normal fading, alteration, abuse, misuse or neglect of the product, accidents, negligence, or dissatisfaction with product choice. To obtain warranty service, please call WCT (our toll free number is on every Club Glove® product) for a return authorization number and address to ship product, freight prepaid, with a carrier requiring signature. West Coast Trends, Inc. hereby disclaims all liability for any harm or damage that may occur for any reason whatsoever to any customer’s personal property that may be contained or carried in products manufactured or sold by West Coast Trends, Inc. All such liability is solely that of the customer.

OUR WARRANTIES ARE IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL WEST COAST TRENDS, INC. BE RESPONSIBLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGE OR LOSS OF USE. Some states do not permit the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties and/or incidental or consequential damages, so this exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights that vary from state to state.

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What others are saying about Wood Covers

34 reviews

Recent purchase   
Jim Ryan, December, 2021

Great driver head cover, fits my ping 425 perfect, Im hooked on the fairway covers also, glad the yellow color was back, towels speak for themselves, none better

Great Headcovers  
Rob , October, 2021

I recently purchased driver and 3 wood covers to replace the similar Club Glove covers I have used for years. These covers are the most durable and easy-to-use covers I have ever owned. They maintain their shape and the zipper makes it easy to remove and replace the covers throughout each round. I highly recommend the Club Glove wood covers as they are simply the best I have ever seen!

Simply the best  
Paul M, August, 2021

Easy to use and provide perfect protection for today's very expensive metal driver and fairway woods. Zipper is so easy to use. I have owned them for several years and they still look like new.

Great Head Covers  
Mike, May, 2021

I had my old head covers for MANY MANY years and they lasted a long time. The new covers I just got look great, are easy to put on and take off the clubs, zip easily and fit nicely into the slots in my golf bag.

Best Headcvers  
Lewis Bellas, April, 2021

I have bought Club Glove head covers for over ten years. Tried others but they did not hold up well in the heat and humidity here in Florida. The guality of the materials used in Club Glove head covers surpasses those of their competitors. Using zippers make very easy to take off and put on these head covers. The Club Glove head covers look very classy and not cheaply made. Keep up the quality in the future. Lew Bellas

Joe Hollerbach, January, 2021

I am replacing a set of these that I have used for approx 10 years. I love them! Not only do they protect my metal woods very well, their design, with the tapered neck, makes placing the clubs back in the bag seamless, with no interference with the other woods. They look great with my carry bag and as stated above, my previous set lasted 10 years or approximately 1000 rounds of golf. I recommend these to everyone, but especially to anyone with a smaller "carry" golf bag.

Great fit  
Robert Levin, January, 2021

This is my second set of club glove metal wood head covers. Love the neat look, great colors and zipper closure. Easy on and off.

Head covers with Zippers  
Ted B. Hipsher, June, 2016

The Clubglove headcovers for drivers and fairway woods - with zippers - are the best! There is no tugging to pull the headcover on and off. The removal and replacement of the headcovers is very quick and convenient. Just a quick zip or unzip and the headvover comes off or on with the greatest of ease. And the quality is very good. I have used them for a few years and they show very little wear and tear. I will never go back to using the traditional style of headvovers. These are state of the art!

Club Cover for Hybrid   
James William Lohry, October, 2020

Great product as usual and was delivered early. Looks good on clubs.

Best Look and Protection  
Mike M. , October, 2020

Club Glove headcovers are easy to use, look great and they protect clubs from damage better than any other brand. I have used them for years and have never had any “dings??? to any of my clubs. I can’t imagine ever using any others.

Fine Cover  
Steve Branch, September, 2020

I really like the zipper type head covers for Woods. I use a Cobra F-Max driver and the “1??? cover fits it, but it’s snug. If I could do it over I might get the “X??? size but I preferred to see the number “1??? on my driver cover instead of “X???. I have since bought the 3 and 5 size covers, too.

Head covers  
jack clark, September, 2020

Ordered new driver, 3wood, and 5 wood headcovers. White on black. I had ordered head covers about 10 years ago and they finally wore out. Only problem I have with the new ones I received is the zippers on all of them do NOT stay closed. Almost lost my 5 wood cover because of this. Maybe they need to look at a better zipper for the head covers. Other then that very well made product.

ClubGlove Headcovers  
GoldenBear, June, 2020

Great looking headcover - very sharp.

Top quality club head covers   
Kodiak , May, 2020

Best club head covers that you can buy. This is my second set for my driver, 3&5 woods. The first set is still usable after many years of use but they are showing their age and so I opted to treat myself to a new set.

Great Value  
Matt, April, 2020

These are the best club covers I have ever owned. When you pay so much for good clubs, a little protection at a reasonable price is in order. I have outfitted all my woods and hybrids with the zippered covers and could not be happier. They are easy to take on and off and provide good protection. One extra bonus I enjoy is the fact that the zipper provides access to the inside of the cover for cleaning if needed. No sense in keeping your clubs clean and putting into a dirty cover. I am sure I will continue to buy in the future as the need presents itself.

Great fit  
Jimmy, January, 2020

Now into my second set of head covers from Club Glove. My first set of 3, 7, 5 covers lasted for years. Now into my second set and am very confident that I will be using them for many years to come. The zippers work great every time I use them which is usually the first thing to go. Love the blue color and would recommend Club Glove to every one.

New covers  
Barry, January, 2020

Fit my oversized driver well. Zippers are smooth operating Easy to take off and put on

Fairway Covers Great  
Mike B, December, 2019

Really like the Fairway Wood Covers. Wasn't sure I would like the "zipper" approach, but this has not been a problem. Love the quality.

Great fairway wood headcovers  
Dale, September, 2019

I bought the 3 and 5 wood covers. The fit is very good and the zipper slides easily. I recommend them most heartily.

High Quality  
CS, September, 2019

My woods are well protected with this high quality, easy on and off, and the zipper is so easy to slide. Highly recommend this product

Outstanding Protection   
Anthony Gennaro, June, 2019

I replaced all my head covers with Club Glove for its outstanding protection and ease of identification They receive my highest recommendation

Travel Luggage Wood Head Covers  
Anthony Gennaro, April, 2019

Excellent travel luggage, perfect fit in the airline overhead Excellent head covers for club protection and easy identification on the course

The Best  
Jim, April, 2019

I have just purchase the red Driver, red 3 Wood and 4 white Hybrid covers. They are perfect in every way. The ease of ordering and delivery were outstanding. Ordered on a Tuesday afternoon and they arrived on Thursday afternoon. They look beautiful in my black Tour bag with red and white trim. I really love the ease of use and knowing that they are not going to get dinged up. You need to start making putter head covers similar to the Scotty Cameron's. I'm getting lots of positive comments from guys I play with, in fact 3 have now ordered their own. The ease of use and durability are unmatched. Thank you!

CG wood headcovers  
Doc Robinon, March, 2019

Love these headcovers, although the black nylon sides tend to fade over time. I have driver, 3 wood and hybrid covers. Look great when new and do their job, keeping clubs protected. i have 3 sets of clubs and use these covers on all my woods.

Best covers ever designed  
DJN, January, 2019

I'm not sure when CG originally came out with these head covers, but I had a set in 2001 that finally became so worn by 2015 I had to start using the covers that come with new clubs. The first time I used the covers I liked the zipper and the ease of installation and removal. The 14yr life was amazing. When I couldn't find the CG covers at any of my local golf shops, I used the club manufacturers standard covers and then remembered why I had switched to the CG covers. 1) Long shank shaft protecting covers can be hard to install or remove and interfere with other clubs in the bag. 2) Mitten style covers don't always protect the shafts, can be loose or too tight and hard to remove or install, and always interfere with removal of other clubs. I purchased a new set for myself and my wife and remembered all of the advantages of the CG covers. 1) The zipper for easy installation, removal, and secure fit. 2) The tapered design that protects the shaft from damage by the irons while eliminating any interference when removing or replacing any clubs in the bag. 3) The soft lining and durable outer cover that protects composite heads from damage by the irons when traveling in the car or airplane. Most people (me included) consider head covers as an after-thought. But CG designed covers for function, ease of use, appearance, and durability. Fantastic covers. Thank you CG!

Like a Glove  
Tank, October, 2018

Golf Clubs can cost upwards of $500.00 or more, don’t you want to protect your investment with the best head cover money can buy ? I know for a fact that I do, that is why I trust that protection to Club Glove Headcovers ! The zipper access is ingenious as well. Thank you Club Glove for producing quality, affordable, durable products !

Rich, October, 2018

Great head cover. The zippered closer makes it super easy to take the cover off and on

Standard Head cover  
josh, October, 2018

Another great product. Best after market head covers around!

Quality Head Covers  
jshangolf, July, 2018

I ordered a set of wood headcovers recently, because I had a hodge-podge collection of different covers and wanted a more uniform looking set. The process was simple and painless, the covers were delivered in good quality packaging and right on time. Club Glove’s maintains a high standard of quality across its entire product line, and I certainly intend to order more equipment in the future.

Best club covers  
Spike, July, 2018

Been playing golf for 41 years. Best club head covers made, period. - Spike

World-class quality  
SteveD, June, 2018

If you own a Club Glove travel bag, you know this company is all about quality. Great design, great materials, great construction. The exact same is true for these head covers. Highly recommended

Looking Good  
Ronbo, February, 2018

These head covers not only look good they are easy to use. Very professional - well made - long lasting

great product  
1hotputter, January, 2018

great fit. The zipper design works well.

head covers  
jayme deuger, October, 2017

My head covers look great and fit great.I got the red ones and they are easy to take off and put on.

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Accident Protection This product is eligible for an accidental damage protection plan. This plan provides coverage for accidental damage from handling that may render the product non-functional or otherwise not be covered by our limited warranty. Our Accident Protection plans are in effect from your receipt of the product. West Coast Trends, Inc. will repair or replace (at our discretion) your product at no cost to you during the coverage term chosen.

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